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    About US

    CNCOPTER is the famous website focusing on the development and research of the helicopter industry in China. Our main target is to study and integrate the domestic helicopter demand and development by supplying the latest and most comprehensive helicopter materials including plenty of introduction, pictures, news and so on in the helicopter industry. Designing a different web page for each helicopter model in the world to record its developing history in the industry is our goal.
    CNCOPTER includes the following ten columns: latest news, driving training and skills, policy and legislation, products, companies and organizations, pictures, videos, elites, procurements with rich contents.

    CNCOPTER will manage to record and propel the development of the civil helicopter industry including the production procedures, technologies and latest achievements to popularize the helicopter in civil fields.

    All the manufacturers and organizations in the world are expecting to develop the helicopter market in China and capture the opportunities of business and investment. We do hope that we can create the future of helicopter in China together.


    EPS file for CNCOPTER logo:  CNCOPTER-logo.eps.zip

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